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Want to join the Coalition by becoming a contributing member?

Become a contributing member with just $50 annually.:

  • Clicking "Buy Now" to pay via PayPal.

  • Use Cash or Check at any MBMC monthly meeting or event

Voting Member Rules: - Check out how to get more involved to become an "Official" or "Active" voting member 

  • Dues are to be paid in January on an annual basis for Official Membership.

  • For new members, dues must be paid in the calendar year all attendance criteria is met. Dues can be paid prior with the intention of completing attendance criteria throughout the year; or after the criteria are met.

  • From the time all attendance criteria and dues are paid, you have 1 full year of Official Membership. (See Bylaws Page 2 - 4). 

  • Once an official member, dues will be required to be paid every January by the end of the month. All attendance requirements must still be upheld. (See Bylaws Page 2 - 4)

  • If dues are paid, and attendance criteria isn't met, your dues will be considered a donation to the MBMC and you'll continue as a non-voting Honorary or Shadow Member.