MBMC Hosted Competitions

2012: Only In America Comp - Grumpy's Downtown, Mpls
The MBMC's first hosted competition featured Larry the Cable Guy as a Judge and was filmed by the History Channel in 2012 for the show Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy: Season 3, Episode 5, "Larry gets Trashed and Tanked"
Judges: Larry the Cable Guy, MJ Johnson, Reno Collier, Jonathan Friedman Winners by Category: 
First Place: Eric Pierson
Second Place:John Bradley
Finalists: Chris Sorensen, Joe Moreno, Eli Neher, Krista Brickbauer, Ryan Lamney, Tryggve Rogness, Ben White. 

2013: Border Battles - Grumpy's Downtown, Mpls
In 2013 the MBMC coordinated the Border Battles Facial Hair Competition in conjunction with the Madison Beard Wearers Union 608. Other clubs that bordered Minnesota were also included in the Battle Royal such as; Manitoba Facial Hair Club, Bearded Brethren Facial Hair Club, Beardcore St. Croix Chapter
Judges: Moustache Jim, Beardimus Maximus, MN RollerGirls: Krista Schnell & Kari Giacomini
Winners by Category:
Moustache: 1st: Marco Paulic
Partial Beard: 1st: Ryan Berger
Business Beard: 1st: Magnus Wahlstrom
Full Beard Styled Moustache: 1st: John Bradley
Full Beard Natural: 1st: Walter Cnare
Freestyle: 1st: Xtopher Grey
Whiskerinas: 1st: Mister Misty

2014: Winter Beard Contest - Dangerous Man, NE Mpls
In 2014 was the first MBMC & Dangerous Man Winter Beard Contest celebrating the marriage of beard & beer in Minneapolis and the 1 year anniversary of Dangerous Man Brewing Company. During this competition the local hip hop artists Big Wiz & Big Jess shot the music video to their acclaimed song "Beard Game Proper" from the album "Glass Half Full". Grand Prize winner received 1 pint of beer per day, for 1 year from Dangerous Man's taproom in NE Minneapolis. Watch The Contest Here
Judges: Leah Beno-Fox 9, Corrie Zoll-MBMC, Big Jess-Unknown Prophets, Big Wiz-Anchormen, Rob Miller-Owner of Dangerous Man Brewing
Winners By Category:
Moustache: 1st: Joe Moreno
Partial Beard: 1st: Chris Sorensen
Dangerous Man Beard: 1st: Mike McFadden
Full Beard: 1st: John Bradley
Whiskerina: 1st: Cari Sorensen

2015: Winter Beard Contest - Dangerous Man, NE Mpls
In 2015 the MBMC joined forces again with Dangerous Man Brewing for the 2nd Annual Winter Beard Competition commemorating the brewery's 2nd anniversary. This year Big Jess & Big Wiz performed tracks live off of "Glass Half Full" including the hit,"Beard Game Proper". 
Judges: Leah Beno-Fox 9, Marc McShane-MBMC, Ryan Lamney-MBWU608, Rob Miller-Owner of Dangerous Man Brewing
Winners By Category:
Moustache: 1st: Jeremy Majorowicz
Partial Beard: 1st: Mat Hew
Dangerous Man Beard: 1st: Conrad Barbieur
Full Beard: 1st: Dave Raabe
Freestyle: 1st: Dennis Mescall

2016: Winter Beard Contest - Solar Arts Building, NE Mpls

In 2016, the venue has grown beyond the walls of Dangerous Man Brewing and so has the participation. With over 100 competitors from across the country and around 400 in attendance, the Winter Beard Competition has tripled in size from 2015. This year featured a photo booth by professional photographer, Kelly Loverud, DJ performance by, That Guy Trey, on-site screen printing by Shameless, and brats by Chowgirls. This was our first year with kid's category with beard making station for the kids.
Judges: Leah Beno-Fox 9, Marc McShane-MBMC, Ryan Lamney-MBWU608, Ramsey Louder-Dangerous Man Brewing, Landon Steele-MBMC
Winners By Category:
Moustache: 1st: Jeremy Marjorowicz
Partial Beard: 1st: James McMahon
Dangerous Beard: 1st: Tony Filmore
Full Beard Styled Moustache: 1st: Zachary Von Kopp
Full Beard Natural: 1st: Matthew Johnson
Freestyle: 1st: Dennis Mescall
Whiskerinas: 1st: Rachel Dougherty